Our services

Site enabling & levelling

Site haul road installation to base course, temporary service ducting and drainage installation, breaking out hard standings and recycling, pile mat installation and attendance and soil screening to enable your project to start moving. Levelling off your site to formation level to allow construction to begin whilst reusing and recycling materials on site wherever possible, helping to reduce transport movements on public roads.


Moving earth on site and to licensed tips, maximising your site potential for floor area and outside space.


Drainage systems enabling your site to connect efficiently to your water provider. Installation of SUDs and traditional drainage methods.


Pile cropping, pile caps, ground beams, strip foundations, ground floor slabs and oversites, to allow your superstructures to grow.

Retaining walls

Retaining wall installations for temporary and permanent work, using various construction methods such as, king post, precast units, sheet piling, timber and in situ concrete.


Professionalism, integrity & quality

Our core values, at the heart of every project we undertake


Building a strong foundation

JBH Groundwork guarantee to get your project off to the best start